Join Our "Milkaholics" Google Group!

Here's a message from Holly, who will be "moderating" the group for Green Pastures:

hi everyone!

the "milkaholics group" on google will be a place for us to gather all our recipes, ask questions, find out about ride shares, and so on.

I've posted a few things on the group to get us started, including my "cheese share" idea-of course this would be the simpler cheeses, I don't imagine myself every making the great cheeses that jesse makes, nor do i think I'd look good in a soccer ball helmet, so we'll leave the real artistry to him-meanwhile simpler things like sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta and so on may be something others would be interested in getting together on.

so to join, or just check it out, you can go to and click on "apply for membership."

it's that easy!