Our Herd Share Program

What is a cow or herd share program?
A cow share program provides an opportunity for people to own part of a cow or herd. Upon buying a share of a cow or herd, people are therefore entitled to having access to the milk produced by their cow. Herdshare or cowshare programs are similar to horse boarding, in that an initial fee is asked for you to become owner in addition to a monthly boarding fee that covers the cost of feed, labor, and any other normal expenses.

How much milk would my herd share produce?
One share: 3 gallons/week from May through December, and 2 gallons/week from January through April.
Half share: 1.5 gallons/week from May through December, and 1 gallon/week from January through April.

How do I get started?
There is a one-time fee of $200 to buy one share of our herd. We also sell half shares for $100. There is an administrative cost of 25% included in the share price that is non-refundable (One share costs $50, half share costs $25). The monthly boarding fee covers Organic feed, labor, and money towards cows that may need to be replaced in the future. This boarding fee is $65/month for a whole share and $35/month for a half share.